The Hunt – Part II

The Hunt – Part II

“It crossed this stream.” Ételle pointed to the tracks that were visible on the other side of the stream.

“Should we wade through?” Om suggested.

“Or we could go upstream and look for a place to cross?” Aditya suggested.

“But then we would be putting more time between him and us,” Ételle said. “We might lose our chance of getting our picture.”

“Okay, I’ll go first.” Om took off his shoes and stepped into the water. “It’s nice and cool!”

Ételle followed Om. “It’s not that deep.”

Aditya soon joined them on the other side.

“You guys see his tracks?” he asked as he put on his shoes.

“They’re here.” Ételle pointed to the two big boar tracks. “I think he’s staying on this trail.”

“They call it a game trail,” Om said.

“How do you know?” Aditya asked.

“Read about it in these old books, my brother Dan used to read these books about these brothers who go out and capture animals for zoos. I’ll give it you guys when we get home.”

“So stick to the trail then?” Ételle asked.

“Yeap.” Om answered and walked on.


 At first Ételle thought she smelled something weird.

“You guys smell that?” She whispered.

“That’s a boar.” Om sniffed the air.

“A boar that needs a shower!” Aditya said and they all giggled.

Ételle pulled the camera from its case. “Best get ready.”

She led her friends in the general direction where the smell was coming from. They heard something move, coming towards them like a bulldozer.

Ételle held her breath.

“Whatever’s coming is huge!” Aditya whispered.

“Get your camera ready,” Om added.

Ételle raised the camera and just as she was about to adjust the eye piece the boar came face to face with them.

It’s massive! Ételle froze in place.

The boar looked at them grunted, turned tail and walked right into the bush.

“Ételle!” both Om and Aditya said at the same time.

Ételle unfroze and snapped a picture. When she looked up from the camera it was too late, the boar was gone. They heard it crashing through the undergrowth.

Her two friends gathered around her to look at the captured image. But all they could see was a blurry picture of something brown moving into the bush.

“I missed him!” Ételle said.

“We can’t send that to the BBC,” Aditya said.

“Should we follow him?”

“No point,” Om said and pointed to the thickets. “There’s no way we can get through that. Let’s head back.”

Ételle looked in the direction that the boar had taken and sighed.

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