The Hunt – Part III

The Hunt – Part III

“No luck, kids?” Dr. Gail asked them.

“We almost had him,” Ételle said. “By the time I raised my camera, he was gone.”

The three of them were back at the Mount Hope Museum in Dr. Gail’s office.

“Into really thick bushes,” Om added.

“No way would we be able to follow him.” Aditya pulled out the camera from his bag and gave it to Ételle.

She turned it on and showed Dr. Gail the images that they had captured.

“Lots of leaves and rocks!” Dr. Gail said and laughed.

“It’s not funny Dr. Gail.” Ételle turned off the camera. “We tracked that boar for hours.”

“Right,” Dr. Gail replied. “Finding a wild animal, especially something as elusive as a boar is very difficult.”

“Maybe we should find another animal,” Aditya said.

“Something easier to track.” Om turned on one of the computers. “Like a bird or a deer.” He opened up a Firefox browser.

“Or we could send in a picture of my goat, Eva!”

They all laughed.

“What do you think Dr. Gail?” Ételle asked. “We look for something easy?”

“And you think BBC will give you image of the week for something easy?” Dr. Gail turned off her laptop then reached across Om and turned off his monitor.

“Hey!” Om protested.

“Hold on I have something to show you guys.” She went over to the small fridge that was near her desk and opened it. She gave each of them a small box of juice.

“Thanks, Dr. Gail.” They replied together.

“Come with me.”

Dr. Gail led them to one of the smaller offices.

“This is where you keep your documents, right?” Ételle asked.

“That’s right.” Dr. Gail pulled a machine Ételle had never seen before to the middle of the room. “Ételle, could you please pull down that white screen.”

Ételle pulled it down and joined her friends around the machine. It looked like a printer with a table light at the top.

“What is this thing?” Om asked.

“It’s an overhead projector. It’s old but it works.” She took a folder from a box, from which she pulled what looked like plastic paper. “And these are slides.” She showed the placed the first one on the projector and switched it on.

“Check it out.” Aditya indicated towards the screen.

On the screen, Ételle saw a copy of the front page of a newspaper.

“Hey, that’s you Dr. Gail!” Aditya said.

“Botswana Times?” Om asked.

“Yeap,” Dr. Gail answered and pulled out some more slides.

“Two Botswana scientists and their Mauritian colleague win prestigious grant for their study of female leopard and her cubs in Chobe National Park.” Ételle read the headlines. “That’s you!” Ételle pointed to a younger looking Dr. Gail, who stood together with a man and woman smiling at the camera.

“Wow!” The three of them said together.

“This news article as you see dates back to more than twenty years ago,” Dr. Gail said. “You kids won’t even born then!”

“You tracked a leopard?” Ételle asked as she read the article.

“That’s right.” Dr. Gail looked at all three of them. “Took us three months, but we did it. We found Lesedi.”

“Who was Lesedi?”

Dr. Gail put another slide on the projector. “This was Lesedi.”

The projector screen filled up with the face of a leopard.

“Wow,” all three kids said together.


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