The Hunt – Part V

The Hunt – Part V

The three kids made their way to see Milo that very afternoon.

“I hope he agrees to help us,” Ételle said to Om and Aditya. “You guys think he’ll agree to help us.”

“I don’t know,” Om said. “He’s pretty cool though.”

“Remember he helped me with the wasp nest?” Aditya said.

“Yeah,” Ételle said. “He grabbed them with his bare hands and they didn’t even sting him.”

“What’s up with that?”

“Some people say he’s crazy, I don’t think that’s cool,” Om said.

“Not cool at all,” Ételle said. “I think he’s cool not crazy.”

“Totally,” Aditya said.

“But why is he like that?” Om asked.

“I heard that his parents and all his brothers and sisters are in Italy. They left him here with his mom’s parents. I don’t think he went to school or anything. Mom said he was always different ever since he was a baby.”

“Like dealing with animals and all?”

“I think so, where is he at this time of the day?”

“At his vegetable patch, the one by the river,” Aditya said. “He’s always there, he told me that he sometimes sleeps there.”

“Wow,” Ételle said. “Sleeping outside, we should go camping again.”

“That would be awesome!”

The kids made their way through Mount Hope to their neighbourhood which oversaw the village as it was on a hill. Since it was late in the afternoon there were a lot of people they knew who were coming home from work. They said hello and one of Ételle’s neighbours gave them a lift to Milo’s patch. They told him about their plan to get a picture of the boar.

“Well if anyone can help you kids, Milo is your guy,” Ételle’s neighbour said. “Good luck! Put Mount Hope on the map!”

They thanked him and made their way to meet Milo. His patch was on a small hillock they had to climb up a small bank from the road and through a bamboo hedge, the path was overgrown which made the going a bit tough.

“You sure it’s here, Aditya?” Ételle asked.

“Yeah, we’re here!”

Ételle was awestruck, the garden was right behind the bamboo hedge, it was at the bottom of a bigger hill, it was a beautiful garden, full of vegetables and well-kept. The vegetables were in beds separated by a small footpath, and each bed was surrounded by flowers, which made it even prettier. The bamboo hedge actually surrounded the garden. Ételle got the feeling that it was a huge a bamboo hedge and the garden was put together right in the middle, it made it feel cosy. On the edge of a garden there was a thatched hutch, they saw Milo sitting under a coconut tree. He was wearing an old shirt and a pair of shorts, he had dreadlock hair that came down to his lower back. He was sitting there stroking his beard. He was also one of the skinniest people Ételle had ever seen, not in an unhealthy way, Ételle felt he was skinny in the way that people in those women’s magazine aimed for, the ideal type of skinny.

Must be the vegetables and fresh air.

“Hi Milo,” Aditya said. “Can we come in?”

“Hello,” Milo said. “Sure.”

“You remember me right?” Aditya asked.

“Of course,” Milo said. “You had the wasp’s nest at your place.”

“Yeah,” Aditya said. “These are my friends Om and Ételle.”

“I know who you are.”

“Milo,” Ételle said. “We were hoping you could help us.”


Ételle, went over what it was they were trying to do.

“Finding a boar isn’t easy,” Milo said. “And that big one, I know about him, he is sly and even if he is big you could walk past him and not even know he was there.”

“You think you can help us find him?” Ételle asked.

“Yes, I can find him. He can hide. But he can’t hide from me.”

“So you’ll help us?” Om asked.

“Sure. Meet me tomorrow morning at 4 am. At the end of your street, we have to get into the forest before the sun rises.”

“Okay then.”

“So early though?” Aditya asked.

“You want the picture?”

“Yes we do. We want to win,” Om said.

“Then 4am, tomorrow morning.”

They left and made their way home.

“We’re going to have to tell our parents that we need to wake up early,” Om said.

“I think they’ll be cool with it,” Ételle said. “They know we have to get this picture. Aditya is your mom going to get upset?”

“No,” Aditya said. “She’ll be cool, Mom likes Milo and she wants us to win. She says it’ll put Mount Hope on the map.”

“May be it will bring in more tourists,” Om said.

They were soon in front of Ételle’s house.

“See you guys here tomorrow morning?”

“You bet,” Om said.

“We’re going to get that picture!” Aditya said.

Ételle bumped fists with her friends and felt confident they were going to get the picture and win BBC online’s best weekly nature picture.

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